Shamballa teadvuse tekstid/tõlked

MARK on 2020. aasta sügisel hakanud rääkima Shamballa teadvusest 11. dimensioonis. Ingliskeelset materjali leiab Jonette Crowley kaudu, aga siia teeme tõlgitud materjalide kogumiku. Inglise keelne tekst on veel tõlkimisel.

Nagu ikka, annab MARK sõnumeid koos energiaga, nii et lugemine muudab samal ajal ka Sinu energiavälja. Me justkui teaksime seda kõike, kuid sellegipoolest viib ta meid järjest uute energeetilis-magneetiliste väravateni, aidates neid selgemalt teadvustada, tunnetada ja integreerida.
Head Shamballa* rännakut!
Šambala mütoloogilise mõiste kohta loe rohkem Vikipeediast.




Klass 8 – Kannatuse Loori Taga

“Süda on suurepärane ühendaja. See on vabastatud mitte ainult kannatusest, vaid ka kannatuse vastasest kaitsest. Taasühenda süda kõige elavaga – kõikide tunnetavate olenditega. Kaasa ka kivid, taevatähed, maamuld… Ühenda süda uuesti kõige elusaga kannatuse loorist kõrgemal. Ole hästi südant täis. Ole armastav. See on emotsioon, see on tunne.”

“Selleks et inimkonda aidata, on väga oluline püsida oma Shamballa-minas. Leia oma olemine seal ja suhestu inimkonnaga sellest punktist. Ole kaastundlik, loomulikult – aga meister-minana, ära anna kannatusele võimalust. Näe inimeste meister-minasid. Füüsiline reaalsus on peegeldus, just nagu järv oleks see “mina”. Shamballa teadvus on MEIE, kus te olete kõik koos. Tantsige looride kohal, väljaspool peegeldust.”

“Stand clearly on the other side of the veil of suffering in order to best help others. Keep yourself out of suffering. The empathy that comes from you here is untainted by sympathy. This is the best way to enable others to reach you. While they are on the other side, in suffering, you see purely and you see them in their highest order. Though they have disconnected to this part of their higher self, part of them also lives beyond that veil. Relate to their divinity.”

“Allow yourself to submit to ecstasy. The world beyond suffering is very different than the world created within the veils. Allow yourself to feel very different. Let your body feel freed, reborn, reconnected, re-established. Can you feel that not only your heart is ecstasy? Find a soft state of being. It is not so much the experience of ecstasy as the knowing beingness of it. When the masters speak of this, they speak of being beyond the veil of suffering.”

“Ecstasy is the result of neither good nor bad experiences; it is the choice to be beyond the veil of suffering. You often think of ecstasy as being caused by an experience. This thought pattern keeps you directly tied to the experiential world, and tied to what could be good experiences or bad experiences. Be where suffering cannot reach you. Find the place where your suffering mind is quiet. Ecstasy is indeed a hallmark of divinity – it is part of the same soul experience as the unity consciousness of Shamballa.”

“Let everything be reconnected in a new way. Everything. Your old way of connecting keeps you in old patterns. Now that you have remade yourself at a higher level, your connections must be re-engineered and re-established. Remake every single relationship. Notice you don’t need to do it one at a time. Simply feel your connection as different. As greater. Feel a greater sense of liberation and joy and dance in the greater sense of being. You are beyond illusions.”


Class 7 – Accelerating Your Shamballa Self

“Your sense of ‘ego gratification’ is being depressed. This leads many of you to feel a numbness — and wonder if it is depression. As you peel away your ego gratification, you find deeper and deeper cores. As each of you uniquely clears what does not serve, you peel away what hasn’t been *you* for millenia. You are the templates of Shamballa Consciousness.”

“This is a time of putting yourself first. You are among the first through the gates and you must be grounded – in meditation and in nature. This must be first. When you bring consciousness to humanity, you cannot merely “beat the drums” and call others to you. You bring your grounded consciousness to humanity so well that it expands through the web of life. This awakens others.”

“Detach from your thoughts about yourself: Who you are, where you were wrong, what your intentions are, what your possibilities are. Detach even from what you’ve been through. Your mental body must go through the biggest dissolution to dis-illusion, which may be a difficult transition. Disregard the “inner voice” that you know intimately; the voice that often points out your shadow side. This is also the voice that points out your greatness. Both must become dis-illusioned.”

“Be your most accelerated, non-judgmental, clearest, cleanest, purest, and happiest being that you can be. Be grounded in the Earth and grounded in Light. Let each day blossom and unfold without necessarily following ‘the plan’ that you thought you should be following. Your role is shining beingness. This is the best way to support others now.”

“There are going to be more Pillars of Light. More beings, more leaders of Light, will emerge. They radiate not just Light, but a Light that harmonizes. These Pillars of Light radiate in a way that quickly recreates societal structures and belief systems. People who never thought they were awakened will begin to meditate, will begin to pray, will begin to question. There will be a great deal of awakening.”

“Follow your clean, clear, and pure guidance. By listening to the dictates of society, or trying to protect parts of ‘who you’ve been,’ you will find immediate, lesson-learning karma. As you ascend, that which you’ve carried for lifestimes – traumas, belief systems, limitations – will fall away more quickly. You will be in the moment – not pre-planning what you say, think, or do. Instead, you will say, “I need to be guided now,” and it will be so.”

“Envision your past karma as one quantum spiral, spiraling higher and higher. Now, you are going through a transition. At this next level, there is still spiraling, but it is more intense. It’s quicker. With this acceleration, karma comes faster: when you make the wrong decision, you’ll realize very quickly. You will not wait decades for it to play out. This transition is why we keep taking you over this portal and through this quantum void.”

“Your universal being has always been spectacular. You are great. You are Light. You are, and have always been, healed.
The constant reminder of that which is not whole in you must be disillusioned, dissolved. First, disconnect from this illusion. Reconnect yourself with the Shamballa Consciousness. This part of you is already above the perturbations, beyond the ebb and flow of your ego-words, and disregards the inner voice that tells you what you think you know.”

“You are Etheric Shamballa Consciousness AND Embodied Physicality at the same time. To a far greater extent than ever before, you can be both now. You are wayshowers. Allow yourself to feel a wholeness – perhaps a wholeness that you did not even realize you were missing. Reunite. This beautiful reunion of your Shamballa Consciousness and humanity’s access to it is more physical than ever before. You are the templates of the new humanity.”

“Illusions are things that you *think* you know — but thinking is never the gateway to knowing. Allow all illusions to wash away. Use the power of the lunar eclipse – the shadow time of emotions – to drop deep into your unconscious. There will be no feelings here. Let the winds of grace gently clear the deep wells of the unconscious. Clear your shadow self and then clear the shadow selves of all. Experience a deep, continual releasing. Allow deep disattachment and clearing. Notice who you are and how you feel without this burden of heaviness.”

“You have been suffering ever since your memory disconnected from the Garden of Eden, from Shamballa. This prompted you to look for security outside of yourself. You once intimately knew these higher consciousness places. Remember them now. Now is a time to heal this great distance. Cross the great abyss and know that it is crossable. Bring that power, sweetness, and certainty into how you live this life.”

“This is a time to disconnect. Disconnect time from that which is no time. Disconnect time from that which is beyond space. Simply disconnect. Find yourself free of the confines of your entire living paradigm. Release the shackles that have made you believe that this reality is your only reality. This release will occur bit by bit — you will not suddenly be angels flying around with wings. As greater realities open to you, that which you know on earth becomes sweeter and more complete. Less is lost. Less is insecure.”


Class 5 – The Internal I/We Truth Space

“This solstice is an acceleration – we’ll call it “the evaporation”. Imagine so much light being brought to your physical world, so much pure potential, that there is more evaporation. There is more sunlight. Picture the density evaporating and becoming loose and vaporous. You, who are balanced and ready, know that this is not the beginning. It is another step toward that which you came here to be.”

“Move to a place that is beyond even frequency; beyond energy as you understand it. In this space, intention and knowing drives, directs, and guides you. From this space, you can see misery. You can see sadness. You can see that which you are afraid of. From this space, you no longer have to *know* them, because you already resonate to them. Your knowing is greater. It is unleashed and opened up.”


Class 4 – Beyond Experience

“Leave the world of separation and distance, and the illusion of polarity and duality fade. Lessen the illusion that something outside yourself is not you. Nothing is tied to good or bad—there are no ‘saviors’ or ‘villains’. Lose your fixation for a villain or a savior to be outside of you. Bring your consciousness clearly inside. Where inside? To what we’ve called the Heart Star. This is your Solar Heart.”

“At magical times, your consciousness knows itself as eternal and cosmic. However, the 3D reality is dense and your body is left behind. Your body is one with eternity/infinity. Begin to know your body in that space. Invite your body to know eternity from itself. Do not translate your body’s knowing through thinking. While you may not experience anything, know that your heart is the opening of the doorway to eternity/infinity.”

“Your body itself can be hypnotized by chasing after its ego. This occurs when your body follows your brain – follows your mind – follows your thinking – follows your ego self. Your body can be hypnotized into thinking that it must age, that it may get sick, that it will die. Those are strong forms of hypnosis and are part of the illusion. Move outside of mind/brain. Connect your body with eternity. In infinity, those false paradigms begin to fall away.”

“Move into your heart. From here, stop moving. Stop achieving, seeking, or looking for. Open into eternity without time or distance. Allow yourself to be senseless — experience no sensations. The opening cannot be felt because you *are* the openness. Know oneness from the inside, rather than seeking to ‘visit’ a separate experience. While you have experiences, you are an outsider. Join this place, beyond experience.”

“Together, we explore a new field. The more frequently you visit this space, the stronger your ability becomes to find the field independently. It is never our intention — nor will it happen – that we create dependencies. We are partners in opening spaces. Together, you and we strengthen channels until you are strong enough to no longer need our guidance.”

“Our work has always been not to teach you, but to change you. Now, change is the epitome of what is needed. Move outside of thinking, and release the worries and anxieties that it brings. Obviously, you still need to think for your frozen, ice-dense self. Know that you are more than that. Become fluid. Move between the density of the ice and vapor of the highest frequencies and dimensions.”


Class 3 – Strengthening Your Magnetism

“Imagine yourself as a magnet. While the unsettledness of iron filings surrounding you are chaotic, you hold a peaceful centeredness. This magnet, and all that comes to you, becomes structured according to your magnetism. What was externally chaotic begins to take on the magnetism of the beautiful ley lines that surround the Earth. Attract chaos and allow it to create itself into energetic patterns.”

“Light does not only come from the ‘Creator’. The light is love in the hearts of your comrades, your pathmates, your loved ones. The next few weeks are critical in the setup of a fresh start. This is not anything new; it’s merely a fresh beginning. You are solar panels, batteries of light, and radiating illuminators. You radiate centeredness. Your settled-ness and peaceful cores illuminate. Center yourself in the strongest center core that you have found in ages. Your core is your mast, the center of all creation.”

“You, who has your face to the sun, collect rays of illumination. There is no need to be certain — certainty is impossible in these times. Be certain, though, of yourself. Trust that when the next step comes you will know how to take it. Be unconditional receivers of the light. As the solar panel, you aren’t choosing to just take on light at noon. Take on as much light as you possibly can from all corners and all sources.”


Class 2 – Meet the Masters of Shamballa

“As your pineal gland opens to Shamballa Consciousness, your illumination clarifies and strengthens. Each of you have different frequencies. If the illuminations were to be seen in a physical world, you may imagine yourselves in white robes with hints of color. Of course, each of you has a uniquely different hint of color. Your unique radiance now moves in all directions, through all dimensions and space. It radiates from you. Your illumination is beautiful and self-determining. It cannot be turned off. Your radiance is a brightening light.”

“Open to your senses. Focus your attention to opening the pineal gland in the center of your brain. Activate it to a higher level than before. Attune your pineal gland to the Shamballa Consciousness. As it opens, it brings you inside yourself and you experience the cosmos internally rather than externally. This is the same cosmos, the same infinity, but felt within you. Let this space solidify as you know it once again.”

“In the months ahead, your growth will be exponential and will move quickly. Your doubting self will not believe the speed of your growth. Rapid growth is necessary now. We ask you to trust the light that you are. Trust the eternity and the brilliance that you hold. Each of you is radiating a frequency that is unique to you.”

“This white light knows no barrier with regard to time. It moves equally freely to the past, present and future. We call you winged ones. This does not necessarily mean that you have sprouted wings. The wings are a symbol that your light takes flight. Your light is not limited by time, space, or dimensions. As you fully claim your light, you fully claim your wings. Become more comfortable with the eternity of you.”

“Know yourself as a winged one. As a being of white light, notice the strength of your radiance. Perhaps you’ve known or sensed a soft light coming from you in the past. Now, it’s a powerful projection of white light. This light illumines you and illuminates the space around you. Imagine it. Your imagination creates. This white light knows no-dimensional boundaries, so it moves through all dimensions equally freely. Amplify the radiance of your white light through imagination.”

“Welcome to the reconnection of your wings. Feel yourself greatly centered. Feel your solar heart — the connector, the seed crystal of all existence — opening. Feel the purity of you downloading into you, brushing away the debris that has become your life. The white space is immensely purifying and lifting. Remind yourself of this. Become the white space once again.”


Class 1 – The White Space

“Find the space of infinite connection to allow a space where love has no sizes. “I love chocolate, but I love my dog more. I love my dog, but I love my mother more.” There is no meaningfulness to levels of love. Consider intensity. Intensity is experienced as intense only from outside of itself. If you are struck by lightning, it feels very intense because the lightning is outside of you – striking. When you become the lightning, the intensity is very different. When you become the love, it is intense in a way that has no words.”

“You understand love from an object/subject point of view: “I love chocolate; I love my dog; I love my mother.” There is a great deal of intensity here. Love’s intensity has both sides of the range. Imagine growing the intensity once the “I” and the “object” are not separated. This intensity of love replaces meaningfulness as a course guide on your way. Love is the lover and the loved, the lover and the beloved. Imagine a sense of lightning — without movement. Love becomes an explosive experience of love without movement.”

“You’ve previously been driven by ‘meaningfulness’. This will be replaced by an intensity of love. By definition, meaning requires contrast: “this has meaning, this does not.” To see meaning, one’s point of view must be as an observer, outside of meaning. Consider the white space. When you are submerged in and become the white space, how could there be meaning? There is no observer to process the experience. From here, one cannot give a hierarchical definition that includes meaning.”

“Things that once felt meaningful in your life may begin to lose their lustre. Do not be surprised by this; your relationship to what is meaningful is changing. Stay willing to not let meaning define your progress. This is hard to understand. Know that you are moving into more esoteric circles and your metrics are no longer what they once were.”

“What is the essence of being? You have no idea, for how could a mere idea hold the essence of being? In Shamballa, guides and masters are mentoring each of you — collectively and individually. You are helped on every step along the way. You may not see these guides. By their very nature, they are essence. Let yourself surrender. Move into a peace that has no cause. There are no requirements for entry.”

“This planet is a place where creation manifests. It’s perfect in every way. Please know that everything wonderful about your life does not disintegrate once you know the bigger world. You can peek behind the curtains of the illusionist and discover that you ARE the illusionist. Magic lives in you. Dis-Illusion is dissolving and disintegration. When you get beyond illusion, you move into the world that is fundamental to and of all existence. As you allow dis-illusion, you then become a master of the illusion. You are that magician.”

“You are illusionists. You have created this beautiful illusion of Earth, and we will not expect to take it away. This beautiful illusion is part of creation. Illusions are not bad. A magician is magic. You still pay money to see these masters — even when you know they are illusionists. Yes, you are living in an illusion, but it doesn’t make it any less curious, wonderful, or creative. Now, we invite you backstage. See that which is real. Let that knowledge also be part of your creation on this planet.”

“Everything you know – or think you know – is an illusion. When that which is not an illusion comes to you, it cannot be seen. If it could be seen, it would still be illusive: an illusion. What does it mean, to lift you and all consciousness to the higher, etheric realms of Shamballa? Shamballa is the world of divinity. It is the world of grace, interconnection, communication and communion. It is a place where love is the internet. Shamballa is the divine heritage and birthplace of humanity and all consciousness.”


Klass 8 – Maandatud Ühendus Kõrgemasse Tegelikkusse

“Kasv ja evolutsioon, mida me näeme ja mida sa koged oma pehmuses, on palju rohkem, kui me ootasime isegi kuus kuud tagasi. Jah, sa avasid väravad Shamballa avastamiseks. Neid avades oled muutumas märguandeks ka teistele, et liikuda kõrgemasse evolutsioonilisse teadvusse. Läbi värava Maale, selle tajutava sageduse kaudu avate väravad tohutu tervenemise, tasakaalustamise, austuse ja terviklikkuse jaoks.”

“At first, you took mere wisps of your awareness to the higher worlds. Only wisps could pass to humanity because the channel was not yet big enough to bring transformation. Now, as you feel these higher realms, the doorway is opened. It allows not only wisps, but transformation. Through that doorway, the entire opening of the higher realms becomes accessible. Transformation will come not just to your traveling consciousness, but to your body, in place, here.”

“Now, we see your ability to stay present in your body while breaking out of the either/or paradigm. This paradigm is the basis both of duality and polarity prisons. You can now be yourself while being the cosmos. This is the fundamental shift that breaks you out of black or white, right or wrong. That, itself, is the key to the door of liberation. You have been breaking out of that, and being here and expanded at the same time. This is immense and has gotten stronger in the last two weeks. Your strength in the higher worlds coordinates and increases your strength in this world.”

“Since we first came to Jonette in the 1980s, our goal has been to expand consciousness to a level where humanity could break out of its inhumanity. We now see the fruit of thousands of years, thousands of people, and thousands of masters. We, and you, bring more awareness to humanity – more remembering. You remember not just that which was, but create that which is.”

“Masterful souls have created their worlds in the higher dimensions. Now that you can hold more, you connect in a meeting of masterful souls. There is a merging and blending of mastery. Truth, power, wisdom, and love open. Before, this level could not be accessed with the separation that humanity felt from its own divinity. From you, discoverers and other discoverers, the gates are open.”


Klass 7 – Kõiksuse Tants

“Egod tekitavad inimestele n-ö suure pea. Suure peaga on väga raske tantsida! Kui proovite kõike oma peaga ja peas lahendada, on teil sageli selline suur pea. Andke oma elus ruumi spontaansele teadmisele. Teadke, et kõik on hästi ja see *kõik* olete teie. Eritage muusikat, et kõik on korras ja asjad liiguvad iseenesest oma kohale. Me ei anna lubadust, et end alati hästi tunneme – mõnikord on järgmine tantsusamm raskevõitu. Samm on perfektne, kui see on hiigelsamm või suur venitus.” 

“You leap because it’s the time to leap. The music makes you leap. When you leap, you land exactly where you need to be. When you need to move, follow the music that you hear. Move to the part of the dance floor where the music calls. Let go a little bit more. Know that as the music plays in your daily life, you will know the steps and the movements to make.”

“The dance happens at all levels— from electrons, atoms, and molecules to planets, universes, and even multiverses. At all levels, there is a dance. At all levels, the music comes from the dancers. At all levels, there is no such thing as a ‘missed step’. Dance the dance of creation. Re-know the music of creation. Become reacquainted. The music cannot be lost or covered—it is only heightened, expanded, and enjoyed.”

“For now, your body is the dancer of your being. Let your body know the freedom of the dancing. Here, your frequencies reorganize to be able to know this space primarily. Your body is restructuring to the symphony here and to the dance itself. This is not just in your body. You may find your beingness in a much-expanded space. Your aura, and even beyond your aura, is beginning to be restructured. You are more fluid, more spontaneous, and more at ease with spontaneity, with infinity.”

“Spend time in Shamballa. When you spend more time in truth, the bridges of untruths go unused and fall into disrepair. From this space, you can then live a full, individual life as a dancer. You will not give up any of your uniqueness. The spontaneous movement of you – your dances and steps – fulfill the dance. Nothing is lost as you gain the dance of allness.”

“Allow yourself to let go of all sensations that you’ve become used to in meditations. Move only with the music, the movement, the interaction of knowingness from the whole. Know spontaneously, without words or sensations. Know truth. Know wholeness. Know allness. Know it physically. There is absolutely no hierarchy, exclusion, polarity, or duality in this dance – absolutely none. This dance could not exist with any of those lower attributes.”

“Dance. Let the movement flow through you. Bypass thinking as you interweave together in spontaneous, delightful, perfection. You are the dance, the music and the stage: the sum total of all the movement and all the dancers. Be liberated now from any limitations of individuality. Do this while maintaining the glory of each unique expression of creation.”

“Imagine that you are dancing with other masters on a huge and infinite stage. As the music changes, more dancers of very different qualities join the dance. As your mastery grows, your perceptual awareness expands. You enjoy how other dancers float and move along the dance floor. Together, you as dancers are able to become expanded and engaged.”

“Consciousness is expanding even the possibilities of consciousness itself. The awareness or realization of consciousness is expanding more on Earth than has ever been possible. Earth is a hot spot where consciousness can expand. This gives you the ability to dance through dimensions. You have picked this because you are ultimate dancers, creators.”

“Dance through dimensions! In your dancing, you create the dimensions through which you dance. Create a relationship in communication with every part of the whole. The wholeness of every dance that you do — every move and every pirouette — changes existence rapidly. Your consciousness is ascending and expanding through your dances.”


Class 6 – Jacob’s Ladder to Unity

“Feel into and remember the quality of life that you *are*. This may not be where you live. It certainly is not where your mind lives. The quality of light you now hold is the quality of you. This light is the core of your being. As you sense more etheric qualities of this light, you work more as a master. This etheric light body enables you to visit those in need. You facilitate reconciliation—not the small you but the Greater You. This Greater You is already reconciled and illumined. It and you hold that pillar of light. This pillar of light is of the greatest service to others.”

“Perhaps you’ve considered radiance from a combative stance of ‘having to change the world’. This perceived separation has had its hay-day. You are moving back to a healed perception and Shamballa Consciousness is yet another step in that journey. Move from the separation, and radiate with this dance of being that the world is. Oneness – eternity – has never been broken apart.”

“Notice how the radiance of your heart may have shifted. In the past perhaps you felt a strong, fighting radiance. Perhaps you felt a need to blast open darkness. Now, feel your radiance as calm and soft. There is no fighting of darkness; no illuminating that which is dark. There is a soft knowing. Your radiance encompasses the dark and the light.”

“Let us say that the Earth and humanity have been on a pendulum swing from unity to separation. Now, all that you are and all that consciousness has served is moving from separation to unity. It holds the color and the celebration of the separation. It holds, too, the knowingness, the stillness, and the eternal wellspring of oneness.”

“Ascension is ultimately unity. Since history began, you as individuals, Jacob and his ladder, the Stairway to Heaven, etc, have been on individualized uphill climbs to ascension. Repurpose this stairway so that you begin to know unity. You slip easily now, down the stairway to separation and up to the starting point of unity. Unity holds separation far more easily than separation can grasp unity.”

“Center on your feet; a long way from where you usually live in your head. Pull more attention to your feet. Notice that on the way, your body and your legs fill out. They become real. It is your feet that touch the Earth. It is the Earth that touches others’ feet. Feel your feet as your roots to the Earth, and feel those roots as one organism. Know that those roots go up to the feet of every other human. We share the same roots. Each human is a leaf, a branch, of the same tree of life.”

“Your Bible references Jacob’s Ladder or Stairways to Heaven. From separation, it is difficult to take a ladder or to find the stairways to unity. Imagine that Jacob’s Ladder is not important for the act of Jacob going up the ladder, or for the motions of angels following the ladder to the heavens. Place yourself in this eternity. In the wellspring of unity, you find this ladder. The ladder may speak to ‘you’ as a seemingly separated being, though you can only find it from a place of unity.”

“We often ask you to expand. Now, we ask you to deepen. As you deepen, add fulfillment for connected qualities. Continue to deepen. Connect with roots through your feet and up through the feet of all humans. Deepen into a depth of fulfillment and find an eternal wellspring. Connect with this and feel the sense of eternity. The wellspring defines fulfillment. In this eternity, your needs are impossible. It is the spring – the source – of fulfillment.”


Klass 5 – Maailma Rahu ja “Nägemine” Südame kaudu

“Inimesed on sotsiaalsed olendid, kuigi te maskeerite end edukalt kui individualiste. Seetõttu on füüsiline kontakt ja sotsiaalne suhtlus tingimuseks üksolemisse ärkamisel. Ühiskondliku läbikäimise aluseks on mõtted “sa oled mu vend, sa oled mu õde, mina olen sina”. Teie olete juhid liikumises, mis võtab tagasi hinge, iseenda, väe, teadmise, enesejuhatuse, intuitsiooni. See põhineb armastusel, mitte madaldaval hirmul. Te olete täheseemned ja teenäitajad.”

“Sotsiaalsed normid on põhjustanud tohutu liikumise eemale intuitsioonist ja enesejuhatusest. See on olnud nii tugev, et inimeste ühendus oma sisemise juhtimisega on praktiliselt kustutatud. Siiski olete te öelnud: “Nüüd aitab!” Me oleme ärkamas. Me liigume tagasi oma jõu poole. Meie enesejuhatus, iseteadvus ja kõrgem mina teab, et sellel avaramal tasandil olete teie kõik mina.”

“Ärge tooge oma vajadusi Shamballa teadvusse, sest see on koht vajamise lõppemiseks. Mida rohkem siin olete, seda enam teie vajadused haihtuvad. Teie perspektiiv teiseneb üksolekuks. Tervendus sünnib lihtsamini. Praegusel momendil ei anna me edasi Shamballas tervendamise tehnikaid.Mõistke, et Shamballa teadvus on juba loomupäraselt tasakaalus, terviklik, ja terve. Kui sinna liigute, saate osaks sellest.”

“Alguses tundub Shamballasse minek nagu rännak, kus te viite oma teadvuse teise olekusse. Ärge olge siin kui turist, vaid SAAGE Shamballa teadvuseks. Selle teadvus on sama mis eluvoog, energia ja kohene manifestatsioon. Shamballa teadvus on kõrgem tase, mis kaasab füüsilisuse. Mida enam te *olete* Shamballa teadvus, seda rohkem ‘õigsust’ hakkab juhtuma. Täiuslik tervis ja kiirgav heaolu on selles pühaduses olemisele keskendatuse nähtavad tulemused.”

“Üks palve vormidest madalamal tasandil on soovimine või otsimine. Need igatsused on rohkem ego suunatud. Sellisel füüsise-põhjalisel tasandil olete te pühadusest eraldi. Suubuge pühadusse ja te märkate, et seal ei ole küsimusi ja vastuseid. Seal on ainult olemise ühtsus. Mida rohkem aega veedate Kõik Mis On ruumis, seda enam saate ise selleks ruumiks. Küsimusi ja vastuseid ei ole vaja. Seda tehakse sõnatult.”

“Ärge asetage pühadust endast väljaspoole. Maanduge Kõik Mis On pühadusse. Loomulikult tähendab see ka teid ennast. Palve on parim südamest tehtuna. Selles ruumis ei ole palvel küsimust. See ei palu juhatust. See on lihtsalt üks pühaduse ruumiga. Me loodame, et te tunnete seda – puhta palve tasandit, mis on kooskõlas kogu pühadusega, samas kohas nagu sügavaim meditatsioon. Teil ei ole tarvis “saavutada” pühadust. Tajuge seda, avage see, eemaldades loorid. Teadke seda natuke rohkem.”

“Shamballa Consciousness holds the physical manifestation of the intelligence of the universe. This is the manifestation of love, oneness, and non-separation. That feels quite different than where you have been on the pendulum; yet, you are the pendulum. You experience separation and oneness alike. This is the experience of you. It is exciting that the pendulum is moving back toward oneness, toward love. It doesn’t move because ‘it’s time to move’. It moves because consciousness sees itself so out of balance, just as the Earth is out of balance. Lead and manifest with love.”

“In Shamballa, love manifests form. The intelligence of the universe manifests in the physical world. For thousands of years, you have been operating in the physical world. You have been less connected to where love manifests. As a result, you have manifested polarity. You have manifested light and dark. You have manifested the swing of the pendulum onto separation. Now, you are moving onto the pendulum swing where you manifest out of the intelligence of the universe: Love.”

“We love the idea that Shamballa is where the Will of God is known. Understand: you are also God. Shamballa carries a greater will in the masterful intelligence of the universe. Universal intelligence is woven into, and connects with, the structure of love. How love outpours and how love manifests is the consciousness of Shamballa.”


Klass 4 – Me Peame Shamballasse Minema Kõik Koos

“Kui kõrgem Shamballa teadvus on saavutatud ainult teie valgusekehas, jääb see eeterlikuks kuningriigiks, mida külastada meditatsioonide käigus. Inimkonna taasärkamise Kuldsel Ajastul viime me Shamballa uuesti tasakaalu füüsilisse maailma. Me sulandame spirituaalsed reaalsused füüsiliselt teie 3D maailmaga kokku. See ei juhtu nende reaalsuste tihenemisega, vaid TEIE toote oma tiheduse kõrgematesse sfääridesse. Te ise avate tavalise maise teadvuse väravaid neisse kõrgematesse reaalsustesse.”

“Kujutle teekonda, kuidas päevakoerast saab liblikas. Mingis mõttes on selle olendi teadvus, kellest saab liblikas, väljaspool füüsilist reaalsust. Samal ajal on liblika kehas olemas teadlikkus. See teadlikkus võimaldab päevakoeral liblikaks moonduda. See teadlikkus on tema kõrgem mina. Teil on oma Shamballa kehast olemas samasugune teadlikkus. Teie kõrgem mina ei ole keha sees. See asub avaramas maailmas ja paneb teadlikkuse teie füüsilisse kehasse – nagu teadlikkus, mis asub päevakoera sees. Need on üks ja seesama teadvus.”

“Kui maailm on ärkamas oma terviklikkusse, on eraldatuse pimedus rohkem esileküündiv. Te olete siin väga tumedal ajastul. Inimkond on eraldunud Maast ja maavaimudest. Te olete eraldunud ajast, unustades austada tulevikku sama palju kui minevikku. See eraldatus on põhjustanud katkimineku. Eraldatus üksolemisest jätkab lagunemist ja kildudeks purunemist, ja selle mõranemise alt sünnib ühtsusest arusaamine. See teadmine pole kunagi kaduda saanud – on vaid rööbastelt maha jooksnud. Kuigi terviklikkus on looride taha peidetud, ei saa inimkond oma pühalikkust kaotada.”

“Teie Pühad: mõistke, et ainus erinevus teie ja suurte meistrite ning olendite vahel on teadmine, et nad on suur meister ja olend. Teie olete, aga teile on see endiselt tundmatu. Istuge Shamballas ja tunnetage, et te olete oma armastus, oma meisterlikkus, oma ühendatus. Tajuge oma teadmise magnetismi. See magnetism kutsub esile teie ärkamise. Te ei võitle enam, et seda saavutada või teostada. Olge rahus oma valguses.”

“Te ei ole üksi. Te ei ole kunagi üksi olnud. Teid ei ole unustatud. Kõrgemad olemid, täheolendid ja meistrid on teiega alati ühenduses olnud. Nad on teid palju kordi oma tee peale tagasi toonud. Teie omakorda toimite nagu mini-meistrid nende jaoks, kes järgnevad. Inimkond on osake Kõike-Teadvast Üksolekust. Nii palju läbikukkumisi kui poleks ka olnud, nii palju vigu kui inimkond ka poleks teinud, te ei saa kaotada oma pühadust. Te ei saa oma pühadust kaotada. Te olete teatanud oma juhendajatele ja universumile, et olete üles ärkamas. Tulemusena liigub teie poole nii palju abiväge.”


Klass 3 – Multidimensionaalsesse Aega Jõudmine

“Paljud teist on ankurdanud kõrgemate kvantide aja, mustrid ja energiad. Sellesse kõrgemasse dimensiooni viimiseks rõhusime alguses kaosele, et teid väravast läbi tuua. Nüüd kus te siin olete, leiate selle lihtsalt lõdvestudes. Alati taanduge, lõdvestuge ja püüdke vähem. Väli toetab teid.”

“Teie tavamaailmas on aeg lineaarne. See liigub edaspidi ja tagurpidi. Muutke seda ajutiselt. Tunnetage oma minevikku ja tulevikku käesolevas hetkes. Tooge kohale kõikide minevikkude ja kõikide tulevikkude tunnetus praegusesse hetke. Koondage kokku nii palju ajajooni, et te ei jõua enam hoiduda sisemisest plahvatusest. Aeg ja teie kogemus sellest teeb kvanthüppe ning organiseerub erineval tasandil. Meie nimetame seda multidimensionaalseks ajaks.”

“Avatar on märgatav teadvuse hoidla, mis on jagamatu ja põhineb tihedusel. Vaatle avatare kui ajutisi konteinereid teadvuse osade jaoks, mis omavad identiteeti nagu teie. Avatar tuvastab ennast sinu või minuna, või MARKi või Jonettena, või kellegi teisena. See tähendab, et avatar on ka jagunenud hoidla: teie Maa avataril on füüsiline keha, mis põhineb 3D tihedusel. Teie Kõrgema Mina avataril on eeterkeha, mis põhineb Shamballa tihedusel. See on palju vähem tihe kui 3D maailm.”

“Kui taipamised tulevad, siis te protsessite seda, kirjeldate seda ja kirjutate selle üles. Te mõtlete: “Pühade vahe, kust ma peaksin alustama?!” Selline on praegu lineaarne kogemus. Teadke, et kõik taipamised ja kogu tarkus on teie sees. See ei lahku kunagi; te ei saa seda lineaarselt käsitleda. Mida rohkem te eksisteerite ja ärkate Shamballa teadvuses, seda vähem olete 3D ja lineaarne. 3D, lineaarsus ja multidimensionaalne aeg segunevad ning pole üldsegi frustreeriv neid ühes ruumis kogeda. See on meie esimene katsetus. See on Shamballa avastamine. Me ei ole selles veel meistrid.”

“Vaatlemine on kõige tähtsam, mis puudutab teie õppimist ja olemist. Mida rohkem te lahkute identiteedist – eemale “olemast” oma arvamused, seda voolavamaks teie märkamine muutub. Siis saate te vaadelda erinevatest nurkadest ja lõpuks jälgite samaaegselt igast kohast. See viib teid kindlasti füüsilisest maailmast välja otse Meisterlikkuse maailma. Meisterlikkuse võtmeomadus on avanemine vaatenurkade mitmekülgsusele arvukates dimensioonides.”

“From your heart space, you are already connected to your higher avatars and to the higher matrices in Shamballa. Sense a radiation of light, love, and patterns from this heart space. While you may not see patterns, intend that this light and love has an organizing, soothing principle. This pattern is very much akin to nature in its extremely healthy states.”

“Imagine being deep in the woods or watching a beautiful sunset. The calmness you feel is a harmonizing pattern. Touch it. Feel into that feeling and you can send it out with your intention alone. When you connect this feeling to your heart, you are automatically centered on Earth in the higher dimensions. Feel light. Feel love. You needn’t consider patterns of joy or harmony – they automatically flow with this light and love. These patterns and waves carry intelligence. They are not simply wave-like frequencies. They bring healing, balance, and harmony.”